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Pushing the Cutting Edge Forward with Web Standards

@divya ★ Slides:

A little story

My first website

Mission Accomplished?

Looking at my code

What I learnt

Influence Web Standards


Make the web easier for you

Be involved in the direction specifications are taking

What are these specifications?




Compliant User Agents must implement.

Conformance Requirements

Each feature has restrictions on what kinds of values it can have.

Browser Conformance Requirements ≠ Author Conformance Requirements

Who writes these specs?

Specs developed within Working Groups

Each Working Group officially consists of representatives of organizations

Sometimes, an Invited Expert is asked to contribute

Most activity occurs on emails, IRC channels, weekly teleconferences or quarterly face to face conversations.

In the Open

When is a spec ready to use?

Officially when a spec is a recommendation

First Working Draft → (discussions/iterations on Editor's Draft) → Candidate Recommendation → Proposed Recommendation → Recommendation

Past timeline


It gets better!


(in my view)

(or check

How to participate





As a Web Developer

If you do not understand what the spec intends or means

If you find some feature hard to use

If some feature does not cover an obvious use case

Test features and verify if they work as intended

As an API Designer

'This API sucks!'

Look at HTML Design Principles and see if the API can be made better within these restrictions

'This should have an API'

'This syntax is contrary to everything a good syntax should be'


Ask on mailing list noted on the spec in the Discussion on top of the spec.

How to ask such that you get a response

Search mailing list archives

Write in plaintext (seriously)

Inline quote your response within the context of what you are responding to

Always cite reference to any assertion you claim as a fact

Ask specific questions

Show you have done the work to find a solution

Found a bug?

Isolate the bug

Chris Coyier on writing reduced test cases:

Is this a bug in the specification or the browser?

Has this bug been reported?

File a bug

Lea Verou's on how to file a bug:

Manage your time

Filter all emails from standards mailing lists

Schedule tasks!

Weekly goal


Write tests for specs!

Take part in Test the Web Forward (@testthewebfwd)

Test features

Note your findings, and contribute to

Document the Web

Join & start contributing.

Questions? Ask on IRC #webplatform on Freenode

Other ideas: Move the Web Forward

What can you do?


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