Divya Manian

Divya works at Apple. Previously, she worked at Adobe as a Product Manager for Photoshop. She participates in projects documenting underrepresentation in society. She can be reached at hi at nimbu.in

Divya studied Computer Engineering in Singapore. She abandoned her comfortable first career choice as a device driver developer at Motorola to become in-house designer at a startup and started her own company to provide design and development services.

Open Source Projects

In the throes of a quarter-life crisis, she decided to pursue web technologies with single-minded devotion, leading to collaborative projects such as HTML5 Boilerplate, HTML5 Please, Move the Web Forward, and more.

Web Opener at Opera

She spent her time advocating web technologies while being involved in spectacularfishpondscandals. She spent her non-work hours writing one book and a chapter of another that benefit Against-Malaria Foundation and Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (so buy her books!)

Product Manager, Adobe

She then joined the Adobe Web Platform team, where she helped organize W3Conf, helped webplatform.org go live, and made CSS features available in browsers.

She then worked on Photoshop, investigating interfaces for better export.

Program Manager, Apple

She now works at Apple as a Manager of Engineering Program Managers.

Leisurely Pursuits

About Feminism: Along with 8 women, she wrote a letter to the Tech Industry to describe the pervasive discrimination that persists in tech industry and advocating for more conversation. It has been covered in Washington Post, NYTimes, PBS, CBS, Elle and more).

Learn to Search: She worked with Joanne McNeil to launch a site to raise awareness on Male Search Illiteracy. Here is a write up about it on The Atlantic.

Fripfrap: She hosts used to host a podcast with Garann Means at fripfrap.io on all things web tech.

Outside of her projects, she can be found haunting thrift shops, and beaches.


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